Building Maintenance to Take Care of During Temporary Building Closures

April 22, 2020

Building Maintenance to Take Care of During Temporary Building Closures

April 22, 2020

Although temporary building closures can make conducting business difficult, they can be great for building maintenance. With everyone out of the way, you can get things done quickly without having to worry about inconveniencing anyone. Here are some items that you should check off your to do list while the office is empty.

Update the Paint Job

To keep your building looking new and clean, you should consider getting rooms repainted if it’s been a few years. A new coat of paint will cover up the smudges and marks that have been accumulating over the years. Even if your walls are looking good, you could consider updating the paint job for a better psychological atmosphere. Blue stimulates the mind, red the body, yellow for creativity and emotion, green for balance. You can mix these colors to get the effect that you desire. With everyone out of the building, there will be no one to complain about the smell or smudge the paint. So, get it done while you can!

Redo the Floors

People can’t work in a building with all the floors ripped up. At least, they can’t work effectively. A building closure is the perfect time to redo the floors. Take advantage to fix or replace carpet, resurface your hard surfaces and deep clean everything. This job will go much faster during a building closure because you won’t have to leave walkways available for others. You can quickly tear out the old floor and replace it without being bothered by others. Just make sure that you can finish in time for the building reopening. The building occupants will be pleasantly surprised at the fresh ambience created by the new flooring.

Make Little Fixes

While you are doing major overhauls and repairs, don’t forget to do the little things. As the weather warms up, check that the sprinklers system is in good repair. Check the lights for bulbs that are out or flickering. Repair any cracked switches. Fix any of the plumbing in the bathroom. Check the window blinds. Are they still in good condition? Do they provide adequate shading? If not, you’ll earn everyone’s gratitude by replacing them. Check the ceiling tiles. Are they sagging? Are they stained and yellowing? Old window tiles can give a building a depressing and unkempt feeling. Brighten things up by getting them replaced. Now that the weather is warming up, it’s a good idea to properly store your vestibule until next year.

Even though you may not be able to conduct business with a building closure, there is still a lot of work that you can get done. By investing in building maintenance, you can increase the net worth of your property. If you rent spaces in your building, this can turn into increased income.

If you’re ready to give your building a fresh, new look, contact us to schedule a commercial painting job! Request a quote here.

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