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Welcome to Pospisil Painting

Pospisil Painting provides architectural, commercial, institutional, and industrial painting and blast cleaning services. Based in Cedar Rapids, we clean and paint walls, ceilings, floors, and equipment to keep your facility clean, bright, safe, and inviting for your employees and customers. We work in a variety of industries, businesses, and commercial, healthcare, and government facilities. We’ll work with you for minimal disruption to your operation so you see our transformational results.

Our Values

Honor God

Our values to guide us will be based on honoring God in all we say, do, and communicate to our customers, our employees, our co-workers, and our suppliers.

Our Mission

Serve Others

Our mission is to build God’s Kingdom through the application of paint, coatings, and maintenance to preserve and improve our clients’ assets. We will exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our Vision

Build the Kingdom

Our vision is to serve others and to be great stewards of what we are entrusted so that we may return a portion of our profits to build God’s kingdom through mission fields, charitable giving, and volunteer projects that shine God’s light and plant seeds of growth in others.

Honor God

Our values to guide us will be based on honoring God in all we say, do, and communicate to our customers, our employees, our co-workers, and our suppliers.

Serve Others

Our mission is to build God’s Kingdom through the application of paint, coatings, and maintenance to preserve and improve our clients’ assets. We will exceed the expectations of our customers.

Build the Kingdom

Our vision is to serve others and to be great stewards of what we are entrusted so that we may return a portion of our profits to build God’s kingdom through mission fields, charitable giving, and volunteer projects that shine God’s light and plant seeds of growth in others.

Epoxy Cedar Rapids

Choosing the Best Epoxy Work Life for Your Needs

If you plan to paint or add epoxy to your business floors in the future, you have many different options from which to choose. The use and design elements of your epoxy will vary depending on a multitude of factors, including the work life of each type of epoxy.

This concept is one that many business owners may not fully grasp right away but does seriously influence the appearance and texture of jobs that require epoxy. So, make sure to read through the following information to get a better idea of which work life is right for your needs.

Buy Epoxy According to the Desired Life Span

Epoxy comes in one of three different work life spans, including a short, medium, and long work life. This factor will influence how you use your epoxy and what kind of jobs that you can perform with this coating material.

For example, epoxies with shorter work life spans typically start to set more quickly than those with a longer span. As a result, you usually have to work more quickly when utilizing these types. You’ll also have to close your business for a shorter time, which helps minimize lost profits.

By contrast, long work life epoxies will set in a much more extended period of time. This factor is critical because it can also influence the look of the coated items and will require you to close your business for a longer period, though neither will take incredibly long to set.

To better understand this factor, it is essential to take a look at the three different work life spans in more detail. Doing so will help explain these differences and provide a guide for choosing the best for your business needs. Each guide will also detail what types of materials go well with each class to help you pick which you need for particular jobs.

Short Work Life Epoxies

A short work life epoxy typically starts to set as quickly as three minutes after application. Some longer-lasting types may take up to 10 minutes to set, but no longer. As a result, you won’t be able to adjust your parts after you’ve applied the epoxy. This fact makes short work life epoxy a little tricky if you plan to work with large jobs, such as display floors for a car dealership.

Typically, short work life epoxies work best for quick jobs, such as sealing or repairing small spots on an office wall. Short epoxy sticks very well to ceramics and plastics, but also works well with leather and fabric items, such as office furniture. What other kinds of benefits does this type of epoxy provide to your business?

Let’s say that you are coating an office ceiling with this type of epoxy. With longer-lasting epoxies, there is a good chance that a large amount of it could drop to the floor and create a mess that your employees need to take time off from their normal duties to clean. However, shorter work life epoxies set more quickly and minimize this type of dripping. Just as importantly, this type can set more rapidly and provide nearly instantaneous repair benefits.

Medium Work Life Epoxies

A large number of commercial jobs use medium work life epoxies because they allow better adjustment times than short work life types. For example, you usually have up to 40 minutes before this type starts to set. Even shorter varieties will set in just 20 minutes, providing you with plenty of time to apply this epoxy and adjust its application before you need to worry about making a mess on your polished concrete floors.

Typically, this type of epoxy is used with materials like ceramics, plastics, and metals. Just as importantly, this epoxy type is very resistant to most types of exterior damage elements, such as rain, snow, and wind damage. Expect this type of epoxy to withstand damage from factors such as water, salt, and even most types of severe acid rain or even direct acid exposure.

As a result, this type is typically a good compromise between short work life and long work life epoxies. Most business owners can probably use this type with their exterior projects, such as outdoor seating for restaurants or exterior walls. Just make sure to set aside the proper amount of time to let the objects set entirely and make sure that it won’t rain before the epoxy sets.

Long Work Life Epoxies

Though few jobs will require this type of epoxy, it does have its advantages. For example, this type of epoxy lasts up to 100 minutes before it starts to set. At nearly 2 hours, this provides you with plenty of opportunities to adjust your work and change what you’re doing before you have to worry about making a messy mistake with the epoxy.

As expected, though, you’ll have to close your business for a minimum of three to four hours (including application time), which can be frustrating for many business owners. What is particularly helpful about this type of epoxy, though, is that you can add a little heat to accelerate its curing time.

As a result, you don’t have to wait the full 100 minutes for it to set. Just as importantly, this type of epoxy attaches well to materials like metal and plastic, particularly moving parts made of these materials. This type of epoxy provides the same kind of tough bonding that you find with short and medium work life epoxies.

Consider Professional Help with This Job

Although you may have a pretty good idea of how to apply epoxy to your business building or office, there is a good chance that you could easily make an application mistake. This problem is one that plagues many DIY jobs and typically requires some assistance to get right.

So, if you are struggling to find the right epoxy for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more. Our experts will work with you to choose the most appropriate work life for your epoxy and will provide you with the help you need to make your business more attractive to customers.

How to Use Green Paint in an Office Design

Your office has looked the same for the last decade, and you want to update it by working with “painters near me” to upgrade the style. However, you aren’t quite sure what color is right for your needs. Have you ever considered green? This color provides a surprising amount of benefits that make it a great choice.

If you are interested in using green for your business building, you need to fully understand these benefits, as well as how to best use it for your office. The following tips will provide you with the information you need to paint with an outstanding green color.

The Color Profile of Green

Green is an attractive color because it has many different shades and varieties that produce multiple different effects. For example, light greens produce a fairly neutral color that is very close to white in its impact. However, dark greens produce a very earthy hue that makes a  business feel very comfortable and relaxing, which is great for customer retention.

No matter what the shade, though, green is one of those colors that simply feels calming and relaxing to most people. There’s just something about the color that relaxes the mind and the body. This relaxation may be due to the similarity green has to various plants and trees. Simply put, our instincts want us to live outside, and green helps simulate that effect.

As a result, green can be a useful color to integrate on the exterior of a commercial facility or even on its many interior items. The following guidelines will help you better understand when green is a great color and the different ways that you can use shades of green for your business.

When Green Is Right for You

If you’re debating using green paint, there are many different questions you need to ask. The following questions can help you gauge whether or not green is the best color for your company, and, if so, move on to the next section to learn more about how to use this color:

  • Do I want my customers to feel relaxed and comfortable in my business?
  • Is green a color that I even like, or do I find it ugly?
  • Does green go well with other designs in my business, such as interior walls, my logo, etc.?
  • Are there shades of green that I really love, even if I don’t like others?

If you decide that green is right for your business, make sure that you carefully brainstorm specific shades and color variations that you particularly enjoy. The many variations of this color provide a surprising array of options that could be useful for companies trying to stand out in a busy marketplace.

Areas That Benefit from Green

People interested in using green for their office building need to understand areas where green works quite well. The following spots on could all benefit from a little extra green. Make sure to prepare these rooms carefully before you buy a specific green paint shade:

  • Interior walls in waiting rooms
  • Exterior building elements, such as window frames
  • Decorative objects, such as trim along your walls
  • Common work areas, where relaxation is necessary
  • Near windows that need highlighting
  • On doors that require a lot of attention

Each of these areas provides your office with an excellent style advantage when you use green. The following section will break down some of the most popular shades on the market today to give you an insight into which is right for your design needs and tastes.

Shades to Consider

The many, many shades and tones of green provides a shocking array of different color options for a business owner. The following shades are some of the most popular with people in our service area. They offer a vast array of choices that may surprise many readers.

  • Dark Forest Green – Produces a vibrant, memorable, and earthy style that is hard to get with other types of greens
  • Medium Olive Green – Best used as an interior color paired with browns and beige
  • Smooth Hunter Green – People who want a calming effect may appreciate this tone
  • Gray Artichoke Green – This nearly gray color produces a very neutral profile for a building
  • Rich Fern Green – Anyone who wants a sharp office building that people will remember should try this color
  • Blue Jade Green – The aqua tone of this color makes it an excellent choice for many business buildings
  • Brown Moss Green – Business owners who like earthy colors will dig this shade’s style
  • Nearly Blue Pine Green – As another very blue shade of green, this color is great for businesses near a lot of trees
  • White Tea Green – This color is as neutral as green gets

Make sure to talk to a painting expert about each of these shades before choosing one. With their help, you can better understand what to expect from each shade and can prepare for the changes that they offer your office. Just as importantly, you can choose which is right for your specific needs.

Get Help Today

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of which type of green paint is right for your needs. You’ve already chosen quite a few shades and are ready to get started on your new paint job. And, just as importantly, you’ve approved the paint job with your employees and managers and have created a budget to pay for it. If so, make sure that you contact us today to learn more about this process.

Our exterior paint professionals will help you better understand why green is such an excellent paint color. They can help you choose colors that best suit your business taste and make it look as appealing as possible to your customers.

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Honor God; Serve Others; Build the Kingdom

At Pospisil Painting, we believe we are created and have a greater purpose to build God’s kingdom. We do that through the market place by providing painting services to others, jobs to our employees, and by giving back to help others less fortunate than ourselves.

We support our local church and part of our profits are given to various missions locally and around the world. We have supported mission trips to Good Samaritan Clinic El Salvador and Bolivian Hope Center in Bolivia.

Some of the local organizations we support are: His Hands Clinic, House of Hope, Chains Interrupted, and Youth for Christ.

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